I want to blog about a giant grand pearl who has done everything for me. I am talking my pearly mom. My mother has stuck by me and dad through thick and thin and still loves us to bits. She is has the kindness of Jesus Christ and she is as loyal as your pet dog but she is not a pushover like your dog. This is a woman who went into a warzone just to single me out for live and affection while putting her life in her own hands just to adopt and love yours truly. Now if that is not a pearly mom I don’t what is. But my mom is not just any old grand pearl… but a Jupiter pearl. That is a grand pearl the size of Jupiter. I also call my my father a Jupiter too because he is married the big one (a pearl). I love both my pearls. My pearly parents are my first loves. I refuse to leave home and have a place of my own Because of the love that they give me. 🖤


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